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La Castellana Banana Festival

Gone lately to a festival especially this month of April? That's good. What about attending some more festivities?

Well, try La Castellana, Negros Occidental? Visit this progressive town and witness her annual Banana harvest festival that opens on the first day of April and ends on the 5th of April, wherein you can see different varieties of banana which abundantly are growing in the municipality.

This festival coincides with the annual feast day of the town's patron saint, St. Vincent Ferrer.

You can also appreciate their agricultural trade that exhibits her bountiful harvest, not only limited to banana produce, but other farm produce and root crops.

A parade of beautiful young girls in a float decorated with banana and other agricultural produce, is one of the highlight activities in the said festival which you could admire.

Soleo Beach: 'Vacation Spot of the South'

When you're in Negros Occidental and looking for a place to stay with a beach, Soleo Beach in San Enrique, Negros Occidental, PH is highly recommended and you can prove it by yourself why it is considered as the "Vacation Spot of the South".

Moreover trying to beat the summer heat, Soleo Beach could be best visited as one of the options to spend a time in refreshing yourselves. The venue, the cool breeze early in the morning and the swimming pool enough for a family to cool off themselves are suited for your needs.

This year we spent our family tradition outing every new year at the beach of Soleo Beach. We spent for almost 7 hours at the beach. We brought our extra food in our media noche (early morning snack) for the whole family to partake at that time.

Exploring Gawahon Eco-Park for the First Time

Recently, I found Gawahon Eco-Park in Victorias City, Negros Occidental, PH very interesting, and challenging when I visited it for the first time.

It is interesting for there are some living endangered animal and fowl species like Philippine hawk eagle, Negros cave hog, little golden-mantled flying fox, Visayan tarictic hornbill, spotted wood kingfisher, Visayan flower pecker, Negros bleeding heart pigeon, Visayan leopard cat n the forested area as reported by Mayor Francis Frederick P. Palanca.

And it is challenging for I had to overcome some difficulties in going up and down the hill where our campsite was situated. Since it was the venue of the 5-day 75th Diamond Jubilee Jamborette of Negros Occidental Council of Boy Scout of the Philippines, I had to bear it.

Summer time? Where to go?

Why not visit Guintubdan? You can spend your time, breathing the fresh air, the freshness of the nature from the surrounding of Sitio Guintubdan, Barangay Ara-al, La Carlota City.

Stay away from the summer heat and feel the coolness and freshness of Guintubdan environs. There's a Guintubdan Visitor's Pavillon and Garden in Brgy. Ara-al. It is one of the tourist destinations of the Province [of Negros Occidental]. Overlooking its top, you can see and appreciate the clean and green botanical garden, ornamental plants, hybrid flowers, waterfalls, spring water, among others.

This pavillon is furnished with tourist class amenities like rooms, beds, viewing center for meetings and conferences. It is also ideal for overnight stay with a cool, cozy atmosphere enhanced with clean, green landscape environs.