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Valladolid's Pasundayag Festival, Memoirs

Every February 28, all roads are led to the progressive town of Valladolid, bringing more visitors, friends and family members to witness her annual Pasundayag Festival as a form of Dolidnon's (resident of Valladolid) gratefulness for the good harvest which the farmers, the fishermen folks received for the year.

Valladolid is one of the towns in the 4th District Of Negros Occidental, Philippines. It has 16 barangay. Her total population is 36,416 in 2010 census.

Historically the town is known as the Rice Granary of Negros Occidental for 90 percent of its arable land was planted to palay. It produced more than half a million cavans of rice every year. It also produced vegetables, fruits and the diwal or angel wings shell, a seasonal delicacy.

With this blessing of good harvest, the town celebrated Pasundayag Festival not only for a thanksgiving of good harvest, but also to give honor to her patroness, Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe. In the highlight of the said celebration, a street …

'Natapos Na' [Consummatum Est]

The Youth Organization of Roman Catholic Diocese of  St. Vincent Ferrer Praish Church, Brgy. La Granja, La Carlota City, Negros Occidental, PH demonstrated the value of Jesus Christ's passion on a 3-hour Senakulo (The Way of the Cross) every Holy Friday.

The drama started at the La Granja Public Plaza at around one in the afternoon. The scene portrayed by the youth was the various scenes of last supper, the capture of Jesus, court hearing at the Kingdom of King Herod and finally at the palace of Pontius Pilate.

Jesus portrayed by a volunteered faithful of St. Vincent Ferrer Church played some realistic scenes like Jesus' administration of the last supper to His 12 apostles, the betrayal kiss of Judas Iscariot, among others. It took almost an hour before the casts proceeded to Brgy. Haguimit hill where the Crucifixion of Jesus along with the two thieves who were hanged together with Jesus.

Hundred of devotees joined Jesus carrying a replica of wooden cross taking the more than…

Secret of 'Linaw Bubong' Freshness

We're refreshed and cool off the summer heat after we explored "Linaw Bubong", an Ilonggo dialect which refers to a crystal clear well, The native of the place has called it for its fresh water which runs from the said spring, a top of Barangay San Miguel, one of the 14 barangay in the small city of La Carlota, Negros Occidental, Philippines.

This was our unforgettable experience we got when sometime in the month of April in 2013, my whole family spent a day in Linaw Bubong. Everyone of us couldn't resist the inviting fresh water of the said spring. We stayed more than 2 hours on the water. My son-in-law, Almon since he knew how to swim, dived to the water and surfaced with a big smile. Our small grandchildren just played on the shallow area of the "bubong".

Not only the freshness of the water has made us cool and relaxed, also the ambiance, the surroundings where fresh air so abounding have released us from the stress which usually sensed and felt in our …

La Carlota Pasalamat Festival On Its Way

The La Carlota Pasalamat Festival is its final stage in preparating for its 36th year of thanksgiving for this year 2015.

There are a lot of surprises for this year's edition as disclosed by the planning committee in a recent held at the function hall of the city. Barangay and school organizers, and NGOs with participating tribes attended the half-day meeting presided by Acting City Adminstrator Rommel C. Tam.

The Blessings of Thanksgiving Rituals

The usual 12 thanksgiving rituals will be done by the Sangguniang Panlunsond Members. These rituals may include the blessing of fire, the blessing of money, the blessing of water, the blessing of fruits, the blessing of soil, and the blessing of timber.

Moreover, the other offerings are the blessing of goods, the blessing of kindness, the blessing of harmony, the blessing of peace, the blessing of youth, and the blessing of harvest.

The Negros Occidental vice governor Genaro M Alvarez, Jr., and governor Alfredo G. MaraƱon will share thou…

The Proud, Majestic Kanlaon

Kanlaon volcano is greeting me everyday as I report to my humble school in Barangay Balabag, this city of La Carlota. I could see it first in the morning before I proceed to my assignment school, Balabag Elementary School.

Kanlaon volcano image was taken by my handy phone camera while I was back riding at the motorized tricycle which served as our service together with my teachers in going home, Thursday, February 19 in a sunny late afternoon after our classes oby n that day.

This road in going to the right is heading to our school in Barangay Balabag, La Carlota City. This vast sugarcane field is owned by a prominent family in our place. The road on the left is leading to Sitio Bagumbayan, wherein a multi-grade extension classes of Cainaman Elementary School is located.

In a distant is the sprawling, seemingly perfect cone volcano. It is a majestic, beautiful Kanlaon. It is about 2,435 m (7,989 ft) above sea level. It has a base diameter of 30 km (19 mi) and is dotted with pyroclast…

Awit-Sayaw Making You a Star

It's a season of festival, a season of thanksgiving for the bounty coming from the Lord through a plenty of harvest, peace and harmony every people received. Be it a religious festivity or an expression of gratefulness, as summer approaches everyone is celebrating it.

The city government of La Carlota has her own way of being thankful and how she facilitates it. She is very generous and helpful for the talented residents of La Carlota and her neighboring towns and cities in providing an opportunity for them to become a celebrity by showing their talent in singing and dancing.

And this could be provided by Awit-Sayaw which is one the main attractions in the annual week-long La Carlota Pasalamat Festival which is usually held a week before May 1. This is a thanksgiving merrymaking of the La Carlotenos or the Mangkasanon.

The schedule for this year's Pasalamat Festival is April 27 to May 3 inclusive.

This year's Awit-Sayaw is tagged as an overdose of suprises. It is a challe…

'LOKARON' at Your Service

LOKARON is a site which features beautiful places in the country, traditional and modern festivities, events and occasions, and other tourist attractions which the PH country is proud of.

LOKARON also features ideas or issues which serve as the bases worthy for discussion, adoptable or not, for dissension or consensus, but nothing personal so to speak.

LOKARON is a short term for the phrase, "LOOK AROUND". Look around is an idiomatic expression which means to see things in various directions, examine anything whether events, places, or a situation which could be subject for appreciation or disapproval, depending on the purpose of the doer or the concern.LOKARON comes to being unexpectedly.

LOKARON is owned, maintained, managed by a blogger, Gil Camporazo, who is by profession is a school head of elementary school in the small schools division of La Carlota City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. He has a passion in writing. This could be another writing task to work in addition t…