'Natapos Na' [Consummatum Est]

Jesus at the Last Supper
Jesus at the Last Supper
The Youth Organization of Roman Catholic Diocese of  St. Vincent Ferrer Praish Church, Brgy. La Granja, La Carlota City, Negros Occidental, PH demonstrated the value of Jesus Christ's passion on a 3-hour Senakulo (The Way of the Cross) every Holy Friday.

The drama started at the La Granja Public Plaza at around one in the afternoon. The scene portrayed by the youth was the various scenes of last supper, the capture of Jesus, court hearing at the Kingdom of King Herod and finally at the palace of Pontius Pilate.

Jesus portrayed by a volunteered faithful of St. Vincent Ferrer Church played some realistic scenes like Jesus' administration of the last supper to His 12 apostles, the betrayal kiss of Judas Iscariot, among others. It took almost an hour before the casts proceeded to Brgy. Haguimit hill where the Crucifixion of Jesus along with the two thieves who were hanged together with Jesus.

Jesus' Captivity
Jesus' Captivity
Hundred of devotees joined Jesus carrying a replica of wooden cross taking the more than a kilometer walk heading to the hilly portion of the said Brgy. Haguimit Hill. They took about an hour of strenuos walk. They prayed, sang of Via Cruzes songs while in procession.he

In spite of the scorching afternoon heat, the faithful continued their religious rituals. There were years that a heavy downpour intervened this tradition. Those who participated just found their refuge to stay away from getting wet and got back to the road when the rain stopped.

This is the "panaad" [religious duty] of every Catholic believers whose his life is complete when they took part with this annual activities during the Lenten Season.

Though I'm an Independent Catholic Church before I was baptized in Mormon's Church, I do respect their beliefs. I just came there to cover the event. In our Church we've our own celebration especially Jesus' Resurrection in a reverent manner.

We, Mormons, are also Christians. We believe that Jesus is the Christ. He died for our sins. We'll be saved after all we can do. I know all those things are true and that is my testimony.

Jesus' Captivity

It is done!


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