Soleo Beach: 'Vacation Spot of the South'

My family at Soleo Beach
My Family at Soleo Beach
When you're in Negros Occidental and looking for a place to stay with a beach, Soleo Beach in San Enrique, Negros Occidental, PH is highly recommended and you can prove it by yourself why it is considered as the "Vacation Spot of the South".

Moreover trying to beat the summer heat, Soleo Beach could be best visited as one of the options to spend a time in refreshing yourselves. The venue, the cool breeze early in the morning and the swimming pool enough for a family to cool off themselves are suited for your needs.

This year we spent our family tradition outing every new year at the beach of Soleo Beach. We spent for almost 7 hours at the beach. We brought our extra food in our media noche (early morning snack) for the whole family to partake at that time.

Soleo beach, which bears the title as the "vacation spot of the south" is complete of amenities like convenience store, function hall, swimming pool, videoke, rooms, cottages, and play ground.

Every new year this place is full of people all over the ground. They're also spending their new year for family gathering, reunion and they're having a thanksgiving party there.

Soleo Beach Swimming Pool
Soleo Beach Swimming Pool
Of Being Grateful

This is how our family expressed our gratefulness to the Lord for a new year, for a new opportunity to live another year, and for another chance to mend our ways according to the will of the Lord.

And we consider this family outing as one of the best opportunities for us to prove that family can be together and even forever as long as we live and true to our covenant with the Lord.


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